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Feriantano Sundang Pranata

Hello, everybody. My name is Feriantano Sundang Pranata. I was born in Indonesia. I am is very interested in education, research, programming, graphic design and video editing. Therefore, I am very happy to implement and share knowledge with others, especially in education. So that I am now a lecturer and teaching at a university in Indonesia. I am a person can make decisions quickly and accurately, even in critical situations or under pressure. For me, every job is important. Doing it carefully and as much as possible is a form of my responsibility. I am is very disciplined and focused on work results and I tend to be idealistic.

However, I can be realistic when setting targets or goals and always strive to achieve these goals in a good and efficient way. I am a creative person and like to find alternative solutions to various problems. I am also open to all possible solutions. Creativity really helps me to be a good leader, because I can anticipate various problems. I am a person is easy to socialize, meet, and even work with people I just met. I am also known as a good listener, so that I can grasp the essence of the problem and provide the right solution. My Hobbies are teaching, programming, design, reading, writing and traveling.




Web Programming

Mobile Programming

Computer Network

Data Base

Computer Graphics

Multimedia Technology

Artificial Intelligence

Expert System

Data Mining

Decision Support System


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